Installing Kotlin

Getting Started

Kotlin is a programming language developed by the creators of IntelliJ and Android Studio. You can write Kotlin applications from any Java IDE (both online and local) or even from the command line! For those who want to avoid downloading and locally installing a Kotlin workspace on the computer, it’s highly suggested that you use the online IDE’s listed below. For long-term use, however, installing an IDE (such as IntelliJ IDEA) directly on your computer will be more efficient. Here’s how you can get started with the setup process.

Online Environments

JDoodle is a fun Kotlin environment on which you can compile and run code written in Kotlin.

Similarly, Kotlin Playground, a workspace created by JetBrains, allows you to directly explore and practice the Kotlin language with a simplistic programming environment for beginners. The playground section of the website has the same Playground set up for following along within the website.

Note: the online IDEs are fully-equipped as Kotlin environments and can be used as a practice space for all of the tutorials found on this website.

Installing Onto Your Computer

To locally set up your computer, check out JetBrains’ official tutorial. It contains thorough details on setting up a programming environment with IntelliJ IDEA, the command line, and other methods.

Using an IDE

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provides a way to compile and run code. On the online IDEs listed above and IntelliJ, you can write some code in Kotlin, compile it to ensure that you have no syntax errors, and run the code to see your programming come to life! On Kotlin Playground, press the blue button with the triangle in it on the top left side of the screen.